Cynosure Privacy Policy

    Cynosure values user privacy. When you use Cynosure services, Cynosure may collect and use your relevant information. Through this Privacy Policy, Cynosure hopes to show you how Cynosure collects, uses, shares, transfers and publicly discloses such information when using Cynosure'services, and how Cynosure provides you with access, updating, control and protection of such information. This Privacy Policy is closely related to the Cynosure service you use. I hope you will read it carefully before using the Cynosure service and make sure that you fully understand the content of this Privacy Policy. When necessary, follow the guidelines of this Privacy Policy and make the choices you think are appropriate.

    If you are under 18 years of age, please read this Privacy Policy accompanied by a legal guardian. If you are the legal guardian of minors, please pay special attention to Article 11.

    If you have any questions, opinions or suggestions about this Privacy Policy or your personal information, you can contact Cynosure Customer Service Department. Cynosure will give you the necessary help. Once you install, use, register or otherwise access Cynosure'services, it means that you have accepted this Privacy Policy and, on an informed basis, explicitly agree with Cynosure to collect, use, share, transfer and publicly disclose your personal information in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy.

    1.Cynosure may collect, use, share, transfer and publicly disclose your personal information       
    Cynosure may collect, use, share, transfer and publicly disclose the following information about you when providing services. If you do not provide relevant information, you may not be able to register as a user of Cynosure or enjoy some of the services provided by Cynosure, or you may not be able to achieve the desired results of the related services.

      1. Information you provide:

    Refers to the information you provide, such as name, nickname, sex, ID number, photo, date of birth, e-mail, telephone number, bank card number, address, postal code, occupation, industry and personal interest, etc. 

        1. When you sign up for a Cynosure account, use Cynosure products or services (such as purchasing Cynosure products or services, using Cynosure customer services), visit the Cynosure Web page, or participate in promotion and prize-winning games of Cynosure, provide information to Cynosure;
        2. The information you provide to Cynosure through downloading, updating and operating its mobile applications;
        3. The information you provide to Cynosure by participating in online or offline competitions of Cynosure;   
        4. The information you provide to Cynosure through interaction with social media such as Weibo and Wechat.
        5. Shared information you provide to other parties through Cynosure services;
        6. Other information you provided to Cynosure.
      1. Your information shared by other parties:
        1. Shared information about you provided by other parties when using Cynosure's services.       
      2. Cynosure gets your information:

    When you use Cynosure'services, Cynosure may collect the following information:

        1. log information

    When you use Cynosure services, the system may automatically collect technical information, including:
    Information about devices or software that you use for Cynosure services, such as the brand, model, version, configuration (memory, etc.), device identification code, platform, language, IP address of your mobile device, etc.
    The information you search or browse when using the Cynosure service, such as the search terms you use, the URL address of the social media page you visit, and other information and content details you browse or request when using the Cynosure service;
    Without violating the relevant laws and regulations, information about the mobile applications (APPs) and other software you have used, and information about the mobile applications and software you have used;
    You communicate information through the Cynosure service, such as the account you have communicated with, and the communication time, data and time.
    The information (metadata) contained in the content you share through Cynosure's service, such as the date, time or location of the shared photos or videos taken or uploaded.

        1. Location Information

    Refers to the information you collect about your location when you turn on the device positioning function and use the location-based services provided by Cynosure, including the location information you collect through GPS or WiFi when you use Cynosure services through mobile devices with positioning function.

        1. Cynosure gets your information through a third party

    When you purchase Cynosure'services through a third party or use Cynosure' services through a third party account, Cynosure obtains your information from a third party, including:

    1. When you buy Cynosure'services through Apple App Store and Android App Store, Cynosure gets your information from those App Stores.
    2. When you log in to use Cynosure'services through social software (e.g. Weibo, Weixin) accounts or mobile phone brand user accounts, Cynosure collects your basic information through the above accounts, such as your user name, avatar, age, and a list of friends who use Cynosure' services at the same time (so that you can interact with your friends).
    1. The technology that Cynosure may use to collect your personal information

    2.1.1Cookies can help websites or application providers identify registered users and calculate the number of users, which is usually used by websites or application providers to determine whether registered users have logged in. Cynosure sends one or more small data files called Cookies on your computer or mobile device, usually containing identifiers, site names, and numbers and characters. Cookies assigned to you are unique and can only be read by web servers that publish Cookies to your domain.
    2.1.2 Web beacon is a 1*1 pixel GIF or PNG image hidden in any web page element or email. It can recognize some kinds of information about visitor's computer, such as visitor's Cookies number, the time and date of viewing the page, and the description of the page where Web beacon is located.
    2.2 Cynosure uses its own Cookies and Web beacon to provide you with more personalized user experience and services for the following purposes:
    2.2.1 Remember your identity. For example, Cookies and Web beacon can help Cynosure identify you as a registered user of Cynosure, or save information about your preferences or other information provided to Cynosure, simplify the steps of your repeated login, store your consumption data, and then provide preferences for you.
    2.2.2 Analyse your use of Cynosure services. For example, Cynosure can use Cookies and Web beacon to learn what activities you use Cynosure'services, or which pages or services are most popular with you.
    2.2.3 Advertising optimization. Cookies and Web beacon help Cynosure to optimize the choice and interaction of advertisements by providing you with advertisements related to you based on your information rather than conducting general advertising campaigns.
    2.2.4 While using Cookies and Web beacon for the above purposes, Cynosure may provide non-personal identity information collected through Cookies and Web beacon to advertisers or other partners after statistical processing to analyze how users use Cynosure'services and use them in advertising services.
    2.3 There may be Cookies and Web beacons placed by advertisers or other partners in Cynosure'products and services. These Cookies and Web beacons may collect non-personal identity information related to you to analyze how users use such services, send you advertisements that you may be interested in, or evaluate the effectiveness of advertising services. These third-party Cookies and Web beacon collect and use such information, not subject to this Privacy Policy, but by such third-party privacy policy, Cynosure is not responsible for third-party Cookies or Web beacon.
    2.4 Cynosure will not use Cookies for any purpose other than those stated in this Privacy Policy. You can reject or manage cookies or Web beacons through your preferences. You can remove all Cookies saved on your computer. Most Web browsers automatically accept Cookies, but you can usually change the browser settings to reject Cookies according to your needs. In addition, you can also remove all Cookies saved in your software. But if you do this, you may need to change the user settings in person every time you visit the Cynosure website or application, and the corresponding information you recorded before will be deleted. You may not be able to enjoy the best service experience, some services may not be used properly, or may be able to use the services you use. Safety has a certain impact. At the same time, you will receive the same number of advertisements, but these advertisements will be less relevant to you.

    3. How Cynosure may use your personal information       
    3.1 Cynosure may use the information collected in the process of providing services to you for the following purposes:
    3.1.1 to provide you with services;
    3.1.2 When Cynosure provides services, it is used for authentication, customer service, security, fraud monitoring, archiving and backup to ensure the security of products and services Cynosure provides to you.
    3.1.3 Help Cynosure design new services and improve its existing services;
    3.1.4 enables Cynosure to better understand how you access and use Cynosure'services, so as to respond to your personalized needs, such as language settings, personalized help services and instructions, or to respond to you and other users in other ways;
    3.1.5 Provide you with advertisements that are more relevant to you in lieu of advertisements that are widely advertised (see Article 9 of this Privacy Policy).
    3.1.6 Statistical analysis of your use of Cynosure services to show the overall use trend of Cynosure services, but these statistics do not contain any identification information of you;
    3.1.7 Evaluate and improve the effectiveness of advertising and other promotional and promotional activities in Cynosure services;
    3.1.8 Software authentication or management software upgrade;
    3.1.9 Invite you to participate in the survey on Cynosure products and services.
    3.2 In order to provide you with a better experience, improve the service of Cynosure or other uses you agree with, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, Cynosure may use the information collected by a service to collect information or personalize other services of Cynosure. For example, the information gathered when you use one of Cynosure's services may be used in another service to provide you with specific content or to show you information related to you that is not commonly pushed. If Cynosure provides the appropriate options in the relevant services, you can also authorize Cynosure to use the information you provide and store in the services for other Cynosure services.

    4. Possible Sharing, Transfer and Public Disclosure of Your Personal Information by Cynosure       
    4.1 Circumstances in which Cynosure may share your personal information
    Cynosure and its affiliates may send your information to Cynosure affiliates, partners and third-party service providers (including institutions providing technical services, system services, telecommunications services, customer services, wind control services, audit services, legal services, such as communication service providers, who may send e-mail or push notifications on behalf of Cynosure), and Map service providers may provide location data, contractor and agent sharing for Cynosure, but Cynosure will only share necessary information for the following purposes:       
    4.1.1 Achieve the purposes stated in Article 3 above;
    4.1.2 Fulfilling Cynosure'obligations under the Cynosure User Agreement or this Privacy Policy and exercising Cynosure' rights;
    4.1.3 If Cynosure or its affiliates share your personal information with any of the above-mentioned third parties, Cynosure will endeavour to ensure that such third parties use your personal information in compliance with this Privacy Policy and other appropriate confidentiality and security measures that Cynosure requires them to comply with.
    4.2 Circumstances in which Cynosure may transfer your personal information
    With the continuous development of Cynosure business, it is possible for Cynosure and its affiliates to merge, acquire, transfer assets or similar transactions, and your information may be transferred as part of such transactions. However, Cynosure will require new companies and organizations holding your information to continue to be bound by this Privacy Policy, otherwise, Cynosure will ask the company and organizations to re-authorize you to agree.
    4.3 Circumstances in which Cynosure may publicly disclose your personal information
    Cynosure may publicly disclose your information in some award-winning events, such as displaying the winner's mobile phone number or login name when publishing the list of award-winning events.
    4.4 Other situations in which Cynosure may share, transfer or publicly disclose your personal information
    Cynosure or its affiliates may share, transfer and publicly disclose your personal information for the following purposes:
    4.4.1 With your explicit consent or authorization in advance;
    4.4.2 Compliance with court orders or other legal procedures;
    4.4.3 Compliance with the requirements of relevant government organs;
    4.4.4 Reasonable and necessary uses for compliance with applicable laws and regulations, safeguarding social and public interests, or protecting the personal and property safety or legitimate rights and interests of Cynosure customers, Cynosure or Cynosure group companies, other users or employees;
    4.4.5 is necessary for legitimate news reporting;
    4.4.6 It is necessary for academic research institutions to carry out statistical or academic research institutes based on public interest and to de-label the personal information contained in the results when providing the results of academic research or description to the outside world.
    4.5 Except in the above circumstances, Cynosure and its affiliates will not share, transfer or publicly disclose your personal information without your consent.

    5.How do you access and control your personal information
    5.1 Cynosure will do everything possible to take appropriate technical measures to ensure that you can access, update and update your registration information or other personal information provided when using Cynosure services. In accessing, updating and correcting the above information, Cynosure may require you to authenticate to ensure account security.
    5.2 Notwithstanding the above agreement, Cynosure may not be able to respond to your request under the following circumstances as required by laws and regulations:
    5.2.1 Relevant to national security and national defense security;
    5.2.2 Relevant to public safety, public health and major public interests;
    5.2.3 Relevant to criminal investigation, prosecution and trial;
    5.2.4 There is sufficient evidence that you have subjective malice or abuse of power.       
    5.2.5 Responding to your request will cause serious damage to the legitimate rights and interests of other individuals and organizations.
    6.Information Security
    6.1 Cynosure retains your personal information only during the period necessary for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy and within the time limit required by laws and regulations.        
    6.2 Cynosure only allows employees and partners of Cynosure and Cynosure affiliates who need to know about this information to access your personal information, and sets up strict access control and monitoring mechanisms for this purpose. Cynosure also requires all personnel who may have access to your personal information to perform the corresponding confidentiality obligations. Failure to fulfil these obligations may result in legal liability or suspension of cooperation with Cynosure.
    6.3 The Internet is not an absolutely safe environment, and the way of communication with other users such as e-mail, instant messaging, social software and so on can not determine whether it is completely encrypted. Cynosure recommends that you use complex passwords or modify account passwords periodically when using such tools, and pay attention to protecting your personal information security.
    6.4 Cynosure uses a variety of security technologies and procedures to prevent the loss, misuse, unauthorized reading or disclosure of your personal information.
    6.4.1 Cynosure has enabled the SSL protocol to provide encryption protection when exchanging data (such as credit card information) between your browser or application and server.       
    6.4.2 Cynosure also adopts encryption technology such as transport layer security protocol to provide browsing services through HTTPS and other ways to ensure the security of your data in the transmission process.
    6.4.3 The third party will access the API interface shared by Cynosure through HTTPS, and Cynosure only provides account verification function, but can not access your personal information, and Cynosure uses perfect anti-SQL injection means to prevent database system from being attacked by the outside world.
    6.4.4 Cynosure uses encryption technology to encrypt and save your personal information. Your password is encrypted and processed by secondary MD5 technology, and is not clear information.
    6.4.5 In some services, Cynosure may also remind you to change your password by phone, SMS, etc. But please understand that in the Internet industry, due to technical constraints and possible malicious means, even if we do our best to strengthen security measures, it is impossible to always guarantee 100% security of information.
    6.5 When accidents, force majeure and other circumstances lead to the leakage of your personal information, Cynosure will try to control the situation and inform you of the cause of the incident, the security measures that Cynosure will take, the security measures that you can take the initiative to take, etc.

    7.Tips for sharing your personal information
    7.1 When you use the Cynosure service, you can share your relevant information publicly not only with your own social network, but also with all users of the service. For example, the information you upload or publish in the Cynosure service (including your public personal information), and the information you upload or publish to others. Responses, as well as location data and log information related to these information. Other users using the Cynosure service may also share information about you (including location data and log information). In particular, Cynosure's social media service is designed to enable you to share information with users around the world. You can make the shared information real-time and widely transmitted. As long as you do not delete the shared information, the relevant information will remain in the public domain; even if you delete the shared information, the relevant information may be independently cached, copied or stored by other users or non-associated third parties not controlled by Cynosure, or saved by other users or such third parties in the public domain.       
    7.2 Therefore, please consider carefully uploading, publishing and communicating information through Cynosure'services. In some cases, you can control the range of users who have the right to browse your shared information through the privacy settings of certain Cynosure services. If you want to delete your relevant information from Cynosure's services, please operate in the manner provided by such special terms of service.

    8.Tips on sensitive personal information
    8.1 Person's sensitive information refers to personal information, such as your property information (including transaction records), identity information, race, religion, personal health and discriminatory treatment, which may endanger personal and property safety if disclosed, illegally provided or abused. Medical information, etc. Compared with other personal information, sensitive personal information will be more strictly protected by Cynosure.       
    8.2 Please note that the content and information you provide, upload or publish (e.g. photos of your social activities) when using the Cynosure service may reveal your sensitive personal information. You need to consider carefully whether to disclose sensitive personal information when using Cynosure'services, or to provide, upload or publish sensitive personal information in a way that masks it.
    8.3 You agree to process your sensitive personal information according to the purposes and methods stated in this Privacy Policy.

    9.Advertising Services
    9.1 Cynosure may use your relevant information to provide you with more relevant advertising.       
    9.2 Cynosure may also use your information to send you advertising marketing information through Cynosure services, e-mail or other means to provide or promote Cynosure or third-party products and services as follows:
    9.2.1 The products or services of Cynosure, its affiliates and partners;
    9.2.2 Third-party suppliers and third-party products or services related to food and catering, sports, music, movies, television, live performances and other arts and entertainment, books, magazines and other publications, clothing and accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, personal health and hygiene, electronics, collectibles, household appliances, household decoration and furnishings, pets, automobiles Cars, hotels, transportation and tourism, banking, insurance and other financial services, membership points and incentive schemes, and other products or services that Cynosure believes may be relevant to you.
    9.3 If you do not want Cynosure to use your personal information for the aforementioned purposes, you can ask Cynosure to stop using your personal information for the aforementioned purposes through the relevant tips provided by Cynosure in the advertisement or the guidance provided in the specific services.

    10.Possible mail and information Cynosure may send to you
    10.1 Mail and Information Push
    When you use Cynosure services, Cynosure may use your information to send e-mail, news or push notifications to your device. If you don't want to receive this information, you can choose to cancel the subscription on the device according to the relevant prompts of Cynosure.
    10.2 Service-related announcements
    Cynosure may issue a service-related announcement to you when necessary (e.g. when a service is suspended due to system maintenance). You may not be able to cancel and restrict Cynosure's announcement to you, which is related to services and not of a promotional nature.

    11.Minors Use Cynosure Services
    11.1 Cynosure attaches great importance to the protection of minors'personal information. If you are the parent or legal guardian of a minor under the age of 18, you should supervise and control the minor's use of Cynosure services. The minor should create an account with your prior consent.
    11.2 In the case of collecting personal information of minors with the consent of their parents or legal guardians, Cynosure will only use or publicly disclose such information when permitted by law, with the explicit consent of their parents or legal guardians, or when necessary for the protection of minors.
    11.3 If a minor uses Cynosure'services without the consent of his parents or legal guardian, the parents or guardian of the minor has the right to contact Cynosure and request Cynosure to delete the minor's personal information. Cynosure will delete the information immediately after verification.       
    11.4 If Cynosure finds that he has collected personal information about minors without the prior consent of a verifiable parent or legal guardian, he will try to delete the relevant data as soon as possible.

    12.Scope of application of privacy policy
    12.1 This Privacy Policy applies to all Cynosure services except for certain specific services. Specific services will apply specific privacy policies. For specific services specific privacy policies, Cynosure will explain more specifically how Cynosure uses your information in these services. The privacy policy for this particular service forms part of this Privacy Policy. If the privacy policy of a specific service is inconsistent with this Privacy Policy, the privacy policy of that particular service shall apply.
    12.2 Except as otherwise provided in this Privacy Policy, the terms used in this Privacy Clause will have the same meaning as those defined in the Cynosure User Agreement.

    13.Exceptions to Privacy Policy
    13.1 Cynosure services may include or link to social media or other services (including websites) provided by third parties. For example, Cynosure provides you with links through advertisements or other means of Cynosure services, enabling you to access third-party services or websites.       
    13.2 Such third-party social media or other services may be operated by relevant third parties, which may have their own privacy policies and access to your personal information methods and measures, and these third-party privacy policies, access to your personal information methods and measures will not be controlled by Cynosure. Your use of such third party's social media services or other services (including any personal information you provide to such third party) is subject to the terms of service and privacy policies of that third party (rather than the Cynosure Agreement on the Use of Services or this Privacy Policy). You need to read the terms carefully. This Privacy Policy applies only to the information collected by Cynosure, and does not apply to any third-party services or rules for the use of third-party information. Cynosure is not responsible for any third-party use of the information provided by you.

    Cynosure may timely revise the provisions of the Privacy Policy, which forms part of the Privacy Policy. If such amendments result in a substantial reduction of your rights under this Privacy Policy, Cynosure will notify you by e-mail or other means before the amendment takes effect by prompting you at a prominent location on the home page or application. In this case, if you continue to use Cynosure's services, you agree to be bound by the revised Privacy Policy.       

    15.Contact Cynosure
    E-mail: kefu@cyngame.com,
    Customer Service Telephone: 0086+4006008066, 
    address: Room 705, ZhongjingHaoting East Block, No. 12 Ander Road, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China

    16.Dispute Resolution
    The establishment, entry into force, implementation, interpretation and dispute resolution of this Privacy Policy are governed by the laws of the Mainland of the People's Republic of China (excluding conflict laws). When you have any disputes with Cynosure because of the implementation of this Privacy Policy, the two sides should first negotiate and settle amicably; if not, they agree to bring a lawsuit to the court.